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tone capone

Tony “Tone Capone” Dickens They say everything comes around full circle…hence what goes around comes around.. I’ll let you decide Tony “Tone Capone” Dickens was destined for stardom. At a young age, Tone Capone entered and won local talent shows, and various other local contest. Seeing and believing in his talent, the late Mrs. Selma Sharp took an active role and raised tuition money, so that young Tony could have a fair chance at stardom. Being what he called “shipped off” to be enrolled in the North Carolina School of Performing Arts, wasn’t part of his plan on the road to success, so he quickly abandoned those dreams.. Vowing to never return, and he didn’t. Tony “Tone Capone” Dickens, was just like so many other youth throughout ghetto America. Born and raised in a broken home by his young mother in the small town of Pinetops NC in the harsh winter of ’78, where his parents separated before he was born. Without male guidance, except the hustlers, pimps and dope dealers, Young Tony quickly followed suit and began his walk down the illegal path of life. School wasn’t part of the plan for young Tony, while on the path to obtaining what appeared to be the ever elusive road to riches and diamond rings… So young Tone Capone quickly dropped out and became a full time hustler. From pimping women on the track, to selling dope on the block, if it yielded money, he was into it. Though, with every rise there is an epic fall. With Tone Capone, there was no exception. So began a period where prison doors seemed to have revolving doors for Tone Capone. Being charged with damn near every thing under the sun. He refers to it as “rest time” or a “time for reflection”. While incarcerated, he was deemed the yard champ when it came to exchanging lyrical jabs. Although he was the champ of the prison he never took his craft serious, just something he was good at and honestly loved, but the thought of doing more never went further than that. Throughout his younger years of adolescence Tony kept with his art, continuing to sharpen his craft while not even noticing what he was doing. One hot summers North Carolina day while being released from prison once more, a bassy instrumental played from the speakers while being picked up by his cousin Jerome, Tone Capone fresh out of jail and happy to be free once again, quickly began to unleash a relentless flurry of bars until three instrumental tracks had played and ended. Jerome being so impressed with the fresh sound, requested that he do it again….And so he did, first in the Cutlass while being picked up from prison and then on multiple stages throughout the south. That’s when he knew that he had arrived, and accepted his destiny. Showing no signs of getting off his grind like stuck breaks, he continues to press. Now that he has taken on the best from the prison yards to the streets…Its time to take on the industry, so Tone Capone is officially declaring war!