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Steven Dickens

My name is Steven Dickens, originally known as Stylez, and I am the C.E.O of ESTEAMZ ENTERTAINMENT. I have discovered three of the hottest artist in the streets to represent my label. They go by the names of Greg South, Mic Blast, Tone Capone, and Lace Lavon. Greg’s creativity is at an all time high and his lyrical delivery is what separates him from the rest. Mic Blast is another lyrical rapper with crazy passion for Hip-Hop and has an intense flow behind each and every bar. Tone Capone started early entering talent shows at a young age and even attended the North Carolina School of Performing Arts for a short period of time. And last but not least we have Lace Lavon, he is an amazing vocalist, very outstanding song writer, and has a tremendous style of dancing. With these three amazing artist I believe they will help me achieve my goal in making ESTEAMZ ENTERTAINMENT one of the biggest record labels in the music industry. Even though we are at the bottom right now, we will slowly rise to the top. It’s not that we think we’re better than any other label, its just we know we are different. So if you look at us like the underdogs then that’s cool because even the underdogs come out on top….look at Russell Simmons.