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soul glow

My name is Bruce Ellison better know as Soul GLow Shawty im 20years old. I started rapping when I was in the 6th grade it was always easy, I was on and off until about 16years old. The first group I started rapping with was GFC(Get Fresh Click) we just did songs here and there on the computer. I started rapping with Esteamz Ent. in 2008 and we been making fire every since. Stack Kash and Greg South are like my bothers, JJB in my blood and I won’t stop until I see all our names in light. There is really no introduction for Soul Glow Shawty, he’s aggressive rapper that feeds off his punch lines and catchy hooks. On the come up of his career, the North Carolina rapper is trying to make his mark on history. Born December 10, 1989 in Tarboro North Carolina as Bruce Ellison the 20 year old is 1/3 of JJB or better known as Jr Jungle Brothers. Soul Glow started rapping around the age of 13 really not knowing that he was a diamond in the rough until his raps got better over time. Soul Glow or BKA (GLOW) listen to different artist from Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, Drake, Cassidy, Greg South, and etc. Glow became an Esteamz artist in the summer of 08 while making a mixtape with his bother from another Stack Kash, and they been making bangers ever since. -Soul Glow “JJB runs in my veins and I won’t stop unil I see it in lights” oooo oooo ahh ahhh!!!!