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MAHDI born marixa garcia in newark nj. she had two sister two brother..it was hard not havin a father she lost her brother who was killed by newark police while he was hand cuff.with her only father figure and best gone she became more distance for everydoby…became a trouble child..den she started to write to her pain away..a year after her mother passed away her family not wantin t have anything to do with wut dey call a bad child she was homeless only way to get out da streets she begun to sell drugs rollin wit da local thugs…lol….next her sister was kidnap beaten shot and buried alive..dat when life got more reckless not really care 2 much of life…threw da rape da abusive relationship da deaths in her life music was her escape..mahdi started writtin music and started battle rappin..bein sp flawless n her girl good looks was shockin to who ever heard her spit..her anger came out in each bar she spit.mahdi did openin act for dipset cnn bleek foxy and a few of her own shows…threw this time she met a guy who she called her brother steve who held her threw a few of her ups n downs..dey became like family ..mahdi den lost her best friend and sister without da blood mahdi den fell hard in a dark world she once knew n stood der untill steve came n took her from dat place and made her 1st lady gave her da passion for music again…da rest well in speaks for her itself….mahdi work with a few non profit youth organization…her luv for wantin to give bac to da youth..which why she workin now on her organization named after her best friend..she met dash for undeniabletv.net who soon gave her a job..everybody luvs her realness..al sadiq banks who wrote blockparty no exit..wrote strapped base on mahdi life…