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lace lavon

R&B singer, dancer and amazing song writer was born September 10, 1990 in Newark, New Jersey. He was separated from his mother Precious James at the early age of 9 to live with his father Timothy James. Tyree Lavon James aka Lace Lavon live most of his childhood in Irvington NJ. He is one of five siblings and first felt in love with R&B when he was only 10 years of age. He would seek into his father’s room and listen to his walk man one day and discover a world of peace. The head phones filled with soothing melodies of Ginuwine’s first album the bachelor. After listen to the whole tape, he released that Ginuwine was hid idle when it came to music. He quickly learned all of his songs and would sing them to the girls around the way. Out of disbelief they like his voice and entertaining ways, so that built his confidence to begin to write. He was ok and performs them at local talent shows. At teen parties he would attract crowds as he danced and put on a show. He was a natural and soon music was an obsession for Lace Lavon. Writing songs in class, took his focus from school work. After a while music affected his school work and lowers his grades. Not really interest with school at the time, he dropped out to pursuit music full time. To keep money in his pocket he worked at Farman Mills a clothing store in Elizabeth, NJ. After a month working he was discovered by ESTEAMZ ENTERTAINMENT. While waiting for the bus he noticed a fancy wrapped van that said Greg South on the side with a video playing on the side of the van. The van parked and he quickly approached and presented him self to the Labels on Stylez. He said I can sing and Stylez said go in and passed him a Mic. He was impressed by my voice and delivery that he said hop in and the family welcome him with open arms. That same night Lace rocked every club in the surrounding area. Every since that day he’s been rocking out with ESTEAMZ ENTERTAINMENT. He’s currently recording his first mix tape titled Strap Up along with his first album Rhythm & Blues and soon will be touring with the label. His target mission is to become one of the best R&B artist in the game and slowly rise to the top and take what’s rightly his THE CROWN