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baby bubba

When the phrase Jack of All Trade was thought of Babe Bubba had to been in mind. Hustler, Independent Promoter, Label Executive, and even a Mixtape Host all this and more describe Babe Bubba. Born Bryan Dickens in the early 80’s in Tarboro, North Carolina where adversity was in the air he breathes. So as a youth Babe Bubba had to learn fast how to defeat and overcome trails and tribulations. “I grew up in the hood with my mom’s and pop’s my brother and sister, and once my pop’s left us me and my brother had to become men at an early age.” Eager to fill his father’s shoes he quit school and turned to the streets. Destine to help his mother make ends meet he turned away from everything he strived to be and put his all into the streets. “When I was coming up I had a passion for dancing and beat boxing hip hop in general, and when I was in the streets it was always in the back of mind that’s what I wanted to do. But the streets is what kept food on the plate so it was more of a survival decision.” Going thru a love triangle with his dreams and the streets Babe Bubba eventually settled with his dreams. Taking the money he earned from the streets and started promoting parties. Using what he learned on the streets to his advantage Babe Bubba flipped every dime to keep his new hustle going. Networking with local artist Babe Bubba embarked on a new trade producing and developing talent. “I was traveling through out North Carolina going to all major events, drag strips, and local nightclubs and I was taking local artist material with me promoting them wherever I went.” With his older brother Tone Capone part of the independent label Esteamz Entertainment owned by their older cousin Steven Stylez Dickens. Very interested and impressed by the moves he was making Stylez asked Babe Bubba to be a part of the label. Being a southern and northern hip hop fan Babe Bubba help develop a sound for the label combining lyrics with southern bass. Marketing and promoting the label in all aspects Babe Bubba was becoming the go to executive at the label. Still eager to learn every part of the business Babe Bubba started hosting his own mixtape c.d.’s. “How I got started hosting tapes was because the artist at the labels didn’t want to have the same sound as everyone. Everyone made fun of how I talked and said I had a voice for it so I did it.” So in early 2010 Babe Bubba joined forces with Esteamz Entertainment artist Greg South and formed Futuristic Machine Music Group producing and hosting mixtape c.d.’s for the streets. Thru it all Babe Bubba still progress to be better at what he longed to do. No matter how the cards were dealt he played the game being the Jack of All Trade.